Verbes irréguliers

Infinitif Prétérit Participe Passé Traduction
to awake (*) I awoke awoken/awoke (se) réveiller
to be I was/were been être
to bear I bore borne porter/supporter/soutenir
to beat I beat beaten battre
to become I became become devenir
to begin I began begun commencer
to bend I bent bent se courber
to bet (*) I bet bet parier
to bid I bade bidden/bade/bid ordonner
to bind I bound bound lier
to bite I bit bitten mordre
to bleed I bled bled saigner
to blow I blew blown souffler
to break I broke broken casser
to breed I bred bred élever
to bring I brought brought apporter
to build I built built construire
to burn (*) I burnt burnt brûler
to burst I burst burst éclater
to buy I bought bought acheter
to cast I cast cast jeter
to catch I caught caught attraper
to choose I chose chosen choisir
to cling I clung clung se cramponner
to come I came come venir
to cost I cost cost coûter
to creep I crept crept ramper/se glisser/se hérisser
to crow (*) I crew crowed chanter (coq)/jubiler
to cut I cut cut couper
to deal I dealt dealt distribuer/traiter
to dig I dug dug bêcher
to do I did done faire
to draw I drew drawn tirer/dessiner
to dream (*) I dreamt dreamt rêver
to drink I drank drunk boire
to drive I drove driven conduire
to dwell (*) I dwelt dwelt habiter/rester
to eat I ate eaten manger
to fall I fell fallen tomber
to feed I fed fed nourrir
to feel I felt felt (se) sentir
to fight I fought fought combattre
to find I found found trouver
to flee I fled fled fuir
to fling I flung flung jeter
to fly I flew flown voler
to forbid I forbade forbidden interdire
to forget I forgot forgotten oublier
to forgive I forgave forgiven pardonner
to freeze I froze frozen geler
to get I got got obtenir
to give I gave given donner
to go I went gone aller
to grind I ground ground broyer/moudre
to grow I grew grown cultiver/pousser/grandir
to hang (*) I hung hung pendre
to have I had had avoir
to hear I heard heard entendre
to heave (*) I hove hove lever
to hide I hid hidden/hid (se) cacher
to hit I hit hit frapper
to hold I held held tenir
to hurt I hurt hurt nuire
to keep I kept kept garder
to kneel I knelt knelt s'agenouiller
to knit (*) I knit knit tricoter
to know I knew known savoir/connaître
to lay I laid laid étendre/coucher
to lead I led led mener
to lean (*) I leant leant pencher
to leap (*) I leapt leapt sauter/bondir
to learn (*) I learnt learnt apprendre
to leave I left left quitter/laisser
to lend I lent lent prêter
to let I let let laisser/louer
to lie (*) I lay lain reposer/être couché
to light (*) I lit lit allumer
to lose I lost lost perdre
to make I made made faire
to mean I meant meant vouloir dire/signifier
to meet I met met rencontrer
to mow (*) I mowed mown faucher/tondre
to pay (*) I paid paid payer
to prove (*) I proved proven prouver
to put I put put mettre
to quit (*) I quit quit quitter/abandonner
to read I read read lire
to rid I rid/ridded ridden/rid se débarrasser
to ride I rode ridden monter (cheval)
to ring I rang rung sonner/résonner
to rise I rose risen se lever
to run I ran run courir
to saw I sawed sawn scier
to say I said said dire
to see I saw seen voir
to seek I sought sought chercher
to sell I sold sold vendre
to send I sent sent envoyer
to set I set set mettre
to sew (*) I sewed sewn coudre
to shake I shook shaken secouer
to shear I sheared shorn tondre
to shed I shed shed perdre (feuilles)/laisser tomber (larmes/sang)
to shine I shone shone briller
to shoe I shod shod chausser
to shoot I shot shot tirer/tuer par balle/filmer
to show I showed shown montrer
to shrink I shrank/shrunk shrunk (se) contracter/(se) rétrécir
to shut I shut shut fermer
to sing I sang sung chanter
to sink I sank/sunk sunk enfoncer/couler
to sit I sat sat s'asseoir
to slay I slew slain tuer
to sleep I slept slept dormir
to slide I slid slid glisser
to sling I slung slung lancer
to slink I slunk slunk aller furtivement
to slit (*) I slit slit (se) fendre
to smell (*) I smelt smelt sentir/flairer
to sow I sowed sown semer
to speak I spoke spoken parler
to speed I sped sped se presser
to spell (*) I spelt spelt épeler/orthographier
to spend I spent spent dépenser
to spill (*) I spilt spilt (se) renverser/(se) répandre
to spin I span/spun spun faire tourner/filer
to spit I spat/spit spat/spit cracher
to split I split split (se) fendre
to spoil (*) I spoilt spoilt abîmer/gâter
to spread I spread spread étendre
to spring I sprang/sprung sprung bondir
to stand I stood stood être debout
to steal I stole stolen voler
to stick I stuck stuck coller
to sting I stung stung piquer/brûler
to stink I stank/stunk stunk puer
to stride I strode stridden/strode marcher à grands pas
to strike I struck struck frapper/se mettre en grève
to string I strung strung ficeler
to strive I strove striven s'efforcer
to swear I swore sworn jurer
to sweep I swept swept balayer
to swell (*) I swelled swollen gonfler
to swim I swam swum nager
to swing I swung swung balancer
to take I took taken prendre
to teach I taught taught enseigner
to tear I tore torn déchirer
to tell I told told raconter
to think I thought thought penser
to thrive (*) I throve thriven prospérer
to throw I threw thrown jeter
to thrust I thrust thrust pousser
to tread I trod trodden piétiner/fouler/marcher
to understand I understood understood comprendre
to wake (*) I woke woken (se) réveiller
to wear I wore worn porter/user
to weave I wove woven tisser/tresser/tituber
to wed (*) I wed wed épouser/marier
to weep I wept wept pleurer
to wet I wet wet mouiller
to win I won won gagner
to wind I wound wound remonter
to wring I wrung wrung tordre
to write I wrote written écrire

(*) : ce verbe possède également une forme régulière




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